Senior In-Home Care

The aging process can be an emotional and challenging time for all involved. At Classic HomeCare, we provide quality in-home senior care in Fort Lauderdale and other nearby communities, enabling older adults to live happier, healthier lives. Just because you can't be at your loved one's home doesn't mean they have to be alone.

Classic HomeCare provides companionship and senior home care in Miami to senior adults that require in-home medical care near them. In addition, we provide homemakers, companions, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), and home health aides (HHAs) to those in need of assistance.

Further, phone calls are answered personally 24/7 — whether a general inquiry, referral or another request. We can advise you of all available options, assist you in the decision-making process, and support you in managing the realities of a practical and compassionate plan of care for your loved one.

Help for Seniors Living at Home

Seniors living alone can often require assistance with daily tasks. While hiring individual services is great for addressing minor needs while remaining affordable, in-home care combines many services into a single point of contact.

This option is convenient for seniors requiring in-home care in Hollywood, FL, and neighboring areas with tasks like the following.


Our more general senior care services in Miami and surrounding areas include light housekeeping as standard to ensure a clean and safe environment. However, it is important to keep in mind that an aide's job is to provide personal support to your loved one versus thorough and involved cleaning services.

Meal Preparation

When a senior isn't eating well, it can have a significant impact on their health. While frozen dinners, take-out, and meal replacement shakes can serve a purpose in a pinch, these options aren't ideal as primary sources of nutrition.

Meals on Wheels America is one of the most well-known food delivery services for seniors. Although programs can vary across locations, basic service includes healthy meal delivery to those aged 60 and older.

While Meals on Wheels and other delivery services are a great option, nothing beats the satisfaction and taste of a home-cooked meal. Our senior home care in Miami and elsewhere includes in-home aides who can plan, shop for, and cook meals from scratch. In addition, seniors often enjoy exploring recipes and cooking together, so the social aspect of sharing meals is especially beneficial for seniors who live alone.

Even if a caregiver doesn't visit frequently, they can prepare large batches of homemade dishes and freeze them for future use.

Medication Management

Seniors often have chronic medical conditions that require medication, and following complicated schedules can be difficult. In cases like this, having a personal care aide to ensure your loved ones take their medicine — as directed — can be invaluable.

When we provide senior care in Aventura, Fl, and surrounding communities, we visit at a set time each day to provide medication reminders in person and ensure the correct instructions are followed. This can be very helpful in providing you and your loved ones peace of mind.


Seniors are 27% more likely to suffer from falls and fall-related injuries. Given the limitations in mobility that come with old age, these statistics may not be surprising, but they can be worrying.

At Classic HomeCare, we take pride in keeping your loved ones safe. Our professional and reliable in-home caregivers provide the supervision and assistance to ensure these injuries never happen.

With this reassurance, we have found that many of our clients become more active as a result. Our aides are happy to take walks and participate in physical activity and exercise to help maintain and promote mobility, helping your loved one retain their sense of independence.

Personal Care Services

As a senior's physical and mental health declines, often so too does their personal hygiene. Simple tasks like bathing, brushing one's teeth, putting on clean clothes, and shaving become tiresome and fall lower and lower on the list of priorities. Providing help with these activities is generally the best course of action.

Our senior home care in Fort Lauderdale and neighboring communities can compassionately and discreetly help your loved one with several bathing options. They can also assist with toileting and continence care, helping both you and your loved one avoid the discomfort of such a task.

Let Us Care For Your Loved Ones

The seniors in your life deserve the best care available. Our years of experience providing companionship home care in Miami ensure they get nothing less.

Call Classic HomeCare today to discuss the services we can provide for you.